Historic Environment: Whitechapel

This page will contain my resources for the GCSE Historic Environment: Whitechapel unit. I am slowly adding resources when I get chance throughout the year.


Jack the Ripper Enquiry Lesson

This is an introduction lesson to the topic of Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Enquiry

Students work in groups using a large amount of source material to build a profile of the killer. The sources are varied and in some cases conflicting, so it is up to them to decide which sources to trust.Capture.PNG


Attitudes to policing

Worksheet for students to complete based on image sources. Adapted from a lesson I saw in my second PGCE placement.


Attitudes Towards The Police Force


Exam technique

I use colour coded paragraphs to improve students essay technique, and we use the PEEL paragraph technique. Here is a slide I display when discussing essay technique.


PEEL your paragraphs

I have tried to make exam technique ‘place mats’ that have quite a simple structure so they are easy for students to remember. I have created these for each section of the GCSE and they should be used in conjunction with the ‘PEEL your paragraph’ slide.


Paper 1 Section A Exam Technique Place Mats