Crime and Punishment

This page will contain my resources for the GCSE Crime and Punishment unit. I am slowly adding resources when I get chance throughout the year.



Retrieval practice

This is an activity I learned about at my first placement school in my PGCE year and I love it because it is really easy to adapt to different topics.

You can either provide questions and ask students to complete at leisure or timed, in groups or individually, etc. Or you can provide a blank copy and ask students to create questions and then swap and answer their shoulder partner’s grid.

challenge grid

Aboltion of Death Penalty Challenge Grid


Guess What

Students can use the board as a means of revising topics learned previously or as a way to get in the know about a new topic with the help of accompanying fact sheets.

I wrote a very brief discussion of its merits here.

guess what.PNG

Guess What

Exam technique

I use colour coded paragraphs to improve students essay technique, and we use the PEEL paragraph technique. Here is a slide I display when discussing essay technique.


PEEL your paragraphs

I have tried to make exam technique ‘place mats’ that have quite a simple structure so they are easy for students to remember. I have created these for each section of the GCSE and they should be used in conjunction with the ‘PEEL your paragraph’ slide.


Paper 1 Section B Exam Technique Place Mats