Guess the Punishment

A homemade take on the classic family game, Guess Who, Guess What is storming classrooms across the country.

Again an idea I have spotted on my favourite CPD platform Twitter, Guess What is brilliantly adaptable to any topic in any subject for any year group. Students can use the board as a means of revising topics learned previously or as a way to get in the know about a new topic with the help of accompanying fact sheets.

As I get ready to go back to the ever-smiling faces of my eager year 10s, I have been looking for new ways to help them revise Crime and Punishment. So, I was impressed when I found an easily adaptable template for Guess What online.

Here’s a sneak peak at one I made earlier:


The only downside to these boards are how massively annoying they are to make, and I don’t think the year 10s would thank me for taking up 30 minutes of class time for asking them to make their own.

Perhaps, then, these are best left to a lower year group, best left to a different time of the year… best left alone?

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