Paper 1 – Rights and Protest: Civil Rights Movement

IB Paper 1 unit that I have chosen to teach is the Rights and Protest option. This consists of two case studies: the civil rights movement in the USA, and Apartheid South Africa.


Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement

The first lesson I teach on the civil rights movement in the USA is all about getting a feel for the era, getting to know how much knowledge my new group has already, and about why we remember the civil rights movement. It asks students to think about music of the era, the geography of the United States, and various changes that happened right up to the era of mass incarceration of black Americans.

why remember Intro to CRM and Paper 1

I would usually ask students to read Loic Wacquant’s article ‘From Slavery to Mass Incarceration: Rethinking the ‘race question’ in the US’ as a follow up to this lesson. You can find a copy of the article here and here. You could also check out my really brief summary of the article here.


Answering Paper 1

Structure in answers and lots of practice is key to success in Paper 1. Students practice source skills first on a familiar subject before applying these skills to historical knowledge in this lesson.

paper 1Answering Paper 1

Structure Strips

These structure strips are designed to be used to support students who are beginning to learn how to answer Paper 1, or perhaps lower ability learners. They will ensure that students’ answers are clearly organised.

Structure strips for paper 1

 Structure Strips for IB History Paper 1