Paper 1 – Rights and Protest: Apartheid South Africa

The IB Paper 1 unit that I have chosen to teach is the Rights and Protest option. This consists of two case studies: the civil rights movement in the USA, and Apartheid South Africa.

Apartheid South Africa looks at the years between the 1948 National Party election victory and the imprisonment of Mandela in 1964.


Revision Slides

One of the most important things that I found I used when teaching Apartheid South Africa for IB History Paper 1 was that I covered the content quickly so that we could focus on source skills and exam technique.

After spending a number of weeks covering content we spent a few lessons where I gave a ‘lecture’ style lesson to refresh students’ knowledge before tackling some exam technique issues.

Apartheid revisionRevision ASA

Retrieval Quiz

Retrieval quiz as a starter –  tests students knowledge and awards them for being able to recall information from further back than the last few lessons. Idea inspired by Kate Jones @87History

Retrieval quiz.PNG Retrieval Quiz starter

Structure Strips

These structure strips are designed to be used to support students who are beginning to learn how to answer Paper 1, or perhaps lower ability learners. They will ensure that students’ answers are clearly organised.

Structure strips for paper 1

 Structure Strips for IB History Paper 1