The Value of a History Degree in 510 Words

Ever-expanding and constantly under criticism for being ‘irrelevant’ to modern society, History is one of the most all-encompassing academic subjects; there is little that can be excluded from its studies. Forever delving further into the depths of time and the recesses of the past allows its students to develop critical research skills that are beneficial in every career path. Its fluidity between Medias permits an expanse of ingenuity to radiate creativity and inspiration across all access points and its simplistic accessibility drives all generations to take part in History. Furthermore, as a subject of study, History is significantly pleasurable in comparison to more strenuous academic paths; this is not to say that History is any less serious at degree level as it can prove infinitely more difficult to master given its magnitude. It must be maintained that History allows a greater breadth of study that is frequently undertaken in and outside of the academic circles.

The study of History is self-absorbed; it emphasises heritage and insists that we explore our own history, since it would be nearly impossible to discover the past without discovering yourself. Arguably, this is the stem of its importance and popularity. Extensively rewarding, heritage studies allows you to explore your own existence at a time where the concept of existential dilemmas, fuelled by the expanding culture of belief in science not religion, fill the world of cinema and literature; although debatably questioning the mystery of man’s existence is timeless.

Contrary to this, I am enthusiastic about studying history because it combines my passion for more modern social sciences with an interest in research and analytical frame of mind that benefits any career path. History provides its students with the opportunity to develop an objective state of mind gained from being able to distance oneself from events; this is beneficial in theoretical and practical analysis in both biological and social sciences as it matures a largely under-appreciated skill, the ability to think. Additionally, the ways that History craves to be retold and reassessed draws us to improve our own communication skills so that we can do justice to the grandeur of the past.

History’s value for me lies in its competence for encouraging constant self-improvement; as well as the talents that are to be gained from its study, looking at the epic events of the bygone times inspires apathetic individuals to ‘make a difference’ to their world. Often the excitement of the modern world can overwhelm people, leading to a general sense of apathy and the idea that you are one lonely person in a constant and unsleeping world; much like the existence of political apathy due to media overkill, frequent most in American presidential elections. However, History is stimulating. It provides example after example of ‘good’ conquering ‘evil’ and of the everyday man changing an entire generation of inventing technology to revolutionise an age. It is this inspiration that I can only hope to instil in the future citizens as I embark on my dream of educating children and feeding a new generation’s thirst for knowledge.

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