The History of the Croissant

This just goes to show that there’s a history behind so many things!

Pastry History

The story of this pastry item is quite an interesting one, fraught with disagreement. No one really knows for sure its’ origin, but there is a generally agreed upon story. Back in 1683 Austria was under attack from Austrians might be able to outlast. In an attempt to penetrate the cities defenses the Turkish army decided to tunnel underneath the walls in the dead of night so they could ambush the cities army and assure victory in a manner of hours. All would have gone according to their plan if it wasn’t for…..

BAKERS! What the Turkish army didn’t know was that, not only did the Viennese bakers have underground kitchens, they also worked at ungodly hours of the morning to begin baking their breads for the day. As the Turkish army was tunneling through the ground the bakers heard them and rose the alarm. Instead of emerging with the element…

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