White Flight

As any interested follower of my little blog may know, I spent last semester studying the history of race. I feel as though studying the history of racism and resistance movements opened my eyes and my mind up to field of study and a portion of the world that I had previously found myself ignorant of – through lack of knowledge rather than care. Coming from a small town in North Wales, racism, its past and present, had little of an effect on my life or education up until my studies in Liverpool.

Since this moment, race, immigration and their politics seem to have caught my eye in every debate, news broadcast, article and election. As such, I have been very interested in the growth of UKIP in the upcoming UK general elections (though this covers slightly different ground to my previous studies on race) and have just been reading an article in the Telegraph about the rise of UKIP and the origins of its popularity. The article, which you can find here, unsurprisingly focusses heavily on the topic of immigration.

In the article the reader is introduced to the term ‘white flight’ which I was particularly shocked by as a concept. It is explained as the following:

‘the phenomenon of white voters who are ‘fed up’ with immigration leaving multicultural areas and moving elsewhere’

Apparently, whilst a proportion of the British population are turning to alternative voting (by which I mean swaying towards nationalist parties in avoidance of the major parties) as a means of ensuring that we as a nation tackle the issue of the inflow of all those pesky foreigners, it is a documented phenomenon that a proportion of whites are packing their bags and moving to ‘whiter’ areas. And this peculiar segment of society is significant enough that it is skewing research figures?!

What is the world coming to? Is this not supposed to be modern Britain?? Heading towards a more tolerant future we are not.

One thought on “White Flight

  1. No, because being violent and throwing riots accomplishes SO much more! Such as:
    Aug. 11, 1965: In response to police racism and a violent arrest, the people of Watts riot for several days and burn most of their own neighborhood to the ground. This creates the earthly paradise of wealth, culture and prosperity that Watts is today.
    April 29, 1992: in response to the beating of a black motorist who had led the police on a high speed chase, then attacked the officers, mobs (primarily black but also containing numerous whites and latinos, but no koreans) burn and loot much of south central L.A. (but not koreatown because all the shop owners there are standing in front of their stores with loaded shotguns). This leads to the end of racism and poverty in Los Angeles and all the damage instantly goes away because employers are eager to set up shop in riot zones.
    August 2011: LONDON! Pakistani immigrants and teens riot and loot in london over unemployment, alienation and the fact that England has pretty much stolen their entire national cuisine. Immediately after the riots, all people born in england come to love pakistanis and encourage more immigration, while the owners of the looted shops (mostly pakistanis themselves) survey the burnt-out ruins and say “Golly, what a great idea THAT was!”
    AS opposed to the abysmal failure of that King fellow…
    Dec. 1, 1955-Dec 26, 1956: Under the leadership of Martin Luther King, the blacks of Montgomery Alabama peacefully boycott the city bus system over it’s discriminatory seating practices. Despite numerous provocations by white supremacist dirtbags, the blacks of Montgomery Alabama refuse to attack random white people or burn down their own neighborhoods, instead being wimpy and unreasonable and simply refusing to patronize a business which discriminated against them. So busses in Montgomery must still be segregated, huh? I mean, how could they accomplish anything without committing random, self-destructive violence?


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