And yet the people of the free states have no guilt in slavery!

Slowly beginning work on my dissertation on racial violence and I found this article from 1834, Boston, Massachusetts. I think it really is fascinating but I can’t use it because of its location, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. It is from an online archive called Accessible Archives and is followed by words along the lines of – And yet the people of the free states have no guilt in slavery!

Taken from the Liberator, April 12, 1834.

Attempt at Rescue .— We learn that a scene of considerable violence was acted on Saturday in front of the county court house. A gentleman from Maryland had claimed a runaway slave, and Judge Randall, after hearing testimony, allowed the claim. The officer in whose possession the slave was, hand-cuffed his prisoner, and to prevent the crowd of colored persons from rescuing him, he fastened his own arm to that of the slave. On coming out of the door, they were at once surrounded by a mob of blacks , who attempted a rescue, but as the constable was fastened to the slave, this was difficult. The prisoner was forced into a carriage after the officers had suffered much injury, and inflicted some blows— the driver was severely wounded with a brickbat thrown by a black man. Several of the assailants were arrested, and will be tried.

PS Sorry the colour is from my search results and I can’t work out how to change it!

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