The story of Lazarus of Bethany, as I have recently been told, is the climactic story which demonstrates the power of the Jesus as he overcomes man’s biggest fear and truest enemy, death. After four days, Lazarus is brought back to life in a demonstration of Jesus’ almighty force, like his father before him. The name is a symbol of the restoration of life in the hands of the Lord.

Look up here, I’m in heaven

Bowie, Lazarus

Poignantly, Bowie told his fans a matter of days before his death today that they had to look to heaven to see the star. The Telegraph reported that Tony Visconti, producer of Bowie’s Blackstar, has released a statement declaring that the album was timed as a parting gift to his fans.

In its staging, his death very much became an extension of his life in that it has become an artful masterpiece which has touched millions in a matter of hours.

Something happened on the day he died, spirit rose a metre and stepped aside

Bowie, Blackstar

His final album painted a beautiful and haunting picture of how he wished to share the story of his final months and of his death. He steps aside to rest from the business of mortal life, and transcends leaving us only the legend.

You know, I’ll be free, Just like that bluebird
Ain’t that just like me

Bowie, Lazarus

Artists across the globe have today and previously declared to what extent the star had influenced them ranging from Madonna to Boy George, and from the Arctic Monkeys to Marilyn Manson.


Bowie also had an enormous influence on the fashion industry, and on the perceptions of homosexuality and sexual identity. A truly inspirational figure and timeless icon.

jpgAfter eighteen months battling with cancer, it is reported that Bowie passed peacefully in the company of his family. It came as a shock to the world after Bowie had kept his illness and deteriorating condition quiet, however, he had left subtle messages to his fans. The most haunting of which comes in his opposing selves in the video for Lazarus. You can watch it here.

Rest in peace, 8.1.47-10.1.16.



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